Golden Files

How to download – Guide

Every single file on our website is locked by a survey. We use this security measure because lot of people will abuse this tool by sharing a direct download link. This way, for every single download each person should access our site and get the file by himself.


First step, press Download button

Each tool on this website have it’s own download button. Above any download button you will find a mirror link. In case that download button doesn’t work, you should try the mirror.

Second, select a  survey to complete

After you click on download button, a pop-up windows will appear. Here you will find a list (about 4) surveys, and you can select any of them to complete. Even you entered a survey and you don’t like it, you can step back and select another one.


 Third step, complete the survey

Depending on what you selected, you will be asked to give some basic personal details, name and email and after that you will answer a couple of questions ( favorite music, drinks, activities, food, TV shows).

  Finally, you will download your desired tool

Now, you get your desired file and you should follow instructions on the tool page.